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The company acknowledges and is committed to its social responsibilities within the areas in which it operates. Its contribution and involvement is determined by regional custom and best practice in those locations and is subject to regular monitoring and review by the board and divisional management.

In this way subsidiaries support a range of charitable and community projects in their local areas.

Of particular note is the annual Hunting Art Prize which after a quarter of a century of supporting British art, was re-launched in Houston Texas in 2006. As well as being the largest open competition of its kind in the USA, the prize has also helped raise substantial funds for SIRE, a charity for assisting disabled people and for the Linda Lorelle Scholarship Fund for the disadvantaged, both Houston based charities. Custom is that each charity is nominated for a two year period in order to achieve a lasting impact. In excess of USD 100,000 pa is raised in this manner. In 2013 Patriot Paws was nominated as the corporate charity. This organisation provides highly trained dogs to provide life-saving support to disabled personnel.

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